Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rice and diabetes

A follow-up to the blog I wrote about white rice and its link to type 2 diabetes ("Like white on rice")...

This was a study published recently in the Korean Diabetes Journal, where overweight and obese Korean women with type 2 diabetes were given smaller rice bowls than the standard (able to hold around 200 kcal of rice), in an effort to curb carbohydrate intake. Body weight decreased in both the overweight and obese groups, and macronutrient balance was obtained. However, it must be noted that the sample size was relatively small and the study period was short, so further research is needed.

Click here for the full article:

The Effects of Small Sized Rice Bowl on Carbohydrate Intake and Dietary Patterns in Women with Type 2 Diabetes

Another study comparing the small rice bowl diet plan to the conventional meal exchange program in type 2 diabetic women showed that the small rice bowl meal plan was as effective as the meal exchange plan in terms of reduction in body weight and increase in glucose control.

Click here for the full article:

Small Rice Bowl-Based Meal Plan versus Food Exchange-Based Meal Plan for Weight, Glucose and Lipid Control in Obese Type 2 Diabetic Patients

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